5.1. Release Notes

5.1.1. LOCKSS 2.0.11-alpha1

Released: 2019-05-13
Also known as: LOCKSS 2.0-alpha1a

LOCKSS 2.0.11-alpha1 (also known as LOCKSS 2.0-alpha1a) is the first release of the LOCKSS 2.0-alpha1 system.

Release Notes

The LOCKSS 2.0.11-alpha1 release features:

  • Storage in the LOCKSS Repository Service, on top of Solr.

  • Node configuration and state management in the LOCKSS Configuration Service.

  • Content ingest with the LOCKSS Crawler.

  • LOCKSS polling and repair with the LOCKSS Poller Service.

  • Metadata extraction and query in the LOCKSS Metadata Extraction Service and LOCKSS Metadata Service, on top of a Postgres database.

  • Web replay with LOCKSS ServeContent and Pywb, the state-of-the-art Web replay engine behind Webrecorder.

Component Versions

LOCKSS 2.0.11-alpha1 consists of a configurable set of the following components: