2. Upgrading From LOCKSS 2.0-alpha1

If you have been using version 2.0-alpha1 of the LOCKSS system, an upgrade path has been provided to version 2.0-alpha2.

2.1. Prerequisites

See Installing the LOCKSS System. Additionally you will need to install OpenJDK8 on the host machine.


This dependency on Java is temporary for 2.0-alpha2. It is necessary to run the Solr upgrader tool. In 2.0-alpha3, the process will be packaged in such a way that it does not depend on Java on the host machine.

2.2. Update lockss-installer

On the command line in the lockss-installer directory, type:

git checkout master

git pull

to update to the latest version of lockss-installer from GitHub.

2.3. Run the Upgrade Command

On the command line in the lockss-installer directory, type:

sudo scripts/upgrade-alpha1-to-alpha2

The script will perform a number of system-level changes and need to be root.

These adjustments include renaming config.info to system.cfg, shutting down a running system stack, renaming storage directories, updating database names, run the Solr upgrader tool from 2.0-alpha1 to 2.0-alpha2 (which is a long running process; please be patient), and change file ownerships, all of which to align the system with the 2.0-alpha2 environment.

2.4. Re-Configure the System

Upon successful completion, you will prompted to run scripts/configure-lockss. Be advised that the configuration process will prompt you for the Postgres database password.