2.5. AU Name#

Plugin Key


Plugin Value Type


Plugin Value Format

The value is a printf format string, that expands to a string. The printf format string can use plugin configuration parameter keys (e.g. base_url, journal_issn, volume_name) as values.

  <string>"Publisher X Journals Plugin, Base URL %s, Journal Identifier %s, Volume %s", base_url, journal_id, volume_name</string>

A rule to generate a default name for each AU, based on the plugin name and the plugin parameters. The rule is used to generate a name for the AU if it is not listed in the title database (AU inventory).

Conventionally, this is made of a comma-separated list of the Plugin Name and the display name and value of each of the Plugin Configuration Parameters, from more general (e.g. base_url) to more specific (e.g. volume_name).