4. Running the LOCKSS System

4.1. Starting the LOCKSS System

Run scripts/start-lockss. This script will call in turn:

  • scripts/generate-lockss: This script takes your configuration data and turns it into a set of configuration files containing the right values.

  • scripts/assemble-lockss: This script puts the configuration files and puts them in the right places, and ensures that all storage volumes are ready for use (creating them if necessary).

  • scripts/deploy-lockss: This script deploys your LOCKSS stack by invoking Kubernetes.

4.2. Shutting down the LOCKSS System

Run scripts/shutdown-lockss.

4.3. Restarting a Running LOCKSS System

Run scripts/restart-lockss.

4.4. Removing a Configured LOCKSS System

To remove all configurations, volumes and networks installed by the LOCKSS system, run scripts/uninstall-lockss. This will not remove files from the persistent store.