4.1. Redirect to Login URL Pattern#

Plugin Key


Plugin Value Type


Plugin Value Format

The string is a printf format string that expands to a regular expression used to match against URLs. The printf format string accepting expressions made of plugin configuration parameter keys.

  <string>"^%ssignup-login.*", base_url</string>

Determines whether an HTTP redirect returned by the crawled site is actually a redirect to a login page.

During the crawl of an AU, a redirect from a URL that is accepted by the crawl rules to a URL that is not is a non-fatal crawl error, meaning it gets reported at the end of the crawl rather than immediately stopping it.

If a Web site issues an HTTP redirect to a login page URL when an IP address accesses a URL it is not authorized to view, it is often desirable to recognize this situation differently than other redirects to URLs outside the crawl rules. This key is used to identify such redirects and treat them as fatal crawl errors instead of non-fatal crawl errors.